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IMVU Basics - by WolvesBlood

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1 IMVU Basics - by WolvesBlood on 3/17/2007, 7:58 pm

Ok, so I wanted to put something together that will help out a few people new to IMVU, so here it is.

IMVU Help Center:
- The help center
is a good place to look for information and help with/on IMVU. So if
you are ever in doubt about something on IMVU (Such as the rules, age
limit, and buy credits) this should be the first place to look before you go asking in the forums (forums will be brought up later).

0 credits 0 promo credits 0 dev tokens

Credits - these are credits you buy with real money, you can go to the buy credits
and see the many ways to buy credits; you can also enter into contest
to earn these. With these credits you are able to buy stuff for
yourself and gift people things from their wish list.

Credits - these are free credits (which many IMVU users call by
diffrent names) they are given to you when you first start IMVU and you
are able to keep earning these thoughout your time on IMVU, you can
find a few ways by clicking this link, which also has ways of earning the first type of credits aswell. With these credits you are only able to buy stuff for yourself, you are not able to gift people with them.

Tokens - These are given to the developers for every sale they make
when it is bought with promo credits. Each dev token acts as 10 credits
towards submitting new things to the catalog as well as for shoutouts.
These are the only uses at this time.

Ok, now that you have an idea of the credits and there meanings of uses on IMVU lets move on to IMVU avatar name & passes.

Avatar Name & Passes:

Avatar name
You must buy your name with real money, when you do this the Guest_
will be removed from your name and you are able to sign up and become a
developer for IMVU, ther reason you have to pay is because IMVU is a
cooperation and need to make money. Why do you have to buy your name to
be a Dev? I will get to this once we get to developers. More info.

Gold Pass
"Chat with other IMVU elite and get product discounts!" All it means by
elite members is members who bought this pass or are awesome enough to
have saved up the credits to get "Gold Pass" status. It will also saves
you credits when you buy stuff from the IMVU catalog.

Try It Pass
When you buy this pass it will give you a chance to try on stuff found
in the catalog, meaning that instead of seeing "Get a TryIt pass" you
will see "TryIt on" (I think) just like trying stuff on at the store in
real life, so if you don't like something you wont waste credits
getting it. Many people find it useful, but it is up to you if you want
it or not. More info.

Access Pass
- Browse, buy and wear R-rated content. (18+ only) more info.
This pass is meant for IMVU users 18yrs and older. With this pass you
will be able to chat with others that have the pass and be as adult as
you want, I can not say to much on this seeing as many young people
read this as well.

Ok, now that you have an idea of the avatar name & passes we will move on to the IMVU Forums.

are quite a few IMVU forums "Troubleshooting FAQ, Help, Latest News and
Release Notes, Suggestions, Developer Programs, IMVU Catalog and
Products, Requests for Developers, Bugs and Testing, Economy and
Pricing, Retailers and Affiliates, Miscellany, Off topic" but there is
no reason for me to list out all their uses as they are written right
on them, just visit the forums to see their uses.

Please read the forum rules, the apply to all the forums.

mods - these are people that have been asked if they would like to
volunteer their time in moderating the IMVU forums, the get nothing for
the work, but they are all good people, so give them a helping hand in
the forums and don't make their job hard for them, seeing as they
volunteer and don't get paid.

PM Box - a part of the IMVU forum is the PM box (private messaging box) which is were you can message other IMVU members.

Avatar Pic & Sig - there are simple rules to follow when using avatar pics/icons and sigs on the IMVU forum.
< Avi Pic Sample
> Sig Sample

For more information on the sig visit this post.
The forums are simple to understand, you just have to read the announcements and stickys.

Ok, now that you have an idea of the IMVU forums lets move on to the IMVU homepages.

Your IMVU home page is all yours, dress it up with stickers and everything you want, make it show you.

Just click on the "Edit" button on the panel you want to work on and have fun.

You can find codes to use on your home page many places, you can find a few basic codes by clicking this link or looking at this post. You should also look at IMVUs Homepage Help post on the IMVU Help forum.

Homepages are pretty self explanatory, so take a look at yours and make it something awesome today.

Ok, now that you have an idea of the IMVU homepages which wasn't much, lets move on to the IMVU 3D Messenger.

IMVU 3D Messenger:
When you download
the messenger and open it, there are many things you can do...First
thing you might want to do is do the walk though that pops-up when you
run the messenger until you click to stop it from popping-up every time
and it should tell you how to do this. Then you can dress up your
avatar and go chatting, the messenger is not that hard to use, just
play with it and you will get the feel/hang of it.

Not so hard right? It teaches you, and is not hard to learn.

Ok, now that you have an idea of the IMVU 3D Messenger, lets move onto some IMVU bots.

IMVU Bots:
are a few IMVU bots (which is what I think they are) on IMVU that help
out new users to IMVU, so I will list them for you so that you will
know who they are.
> IMVU_QuestMaster
> missgreenbacks
> Lucky
> Kandy
> Charm
> butterfly
> Star
any are not bots I am sorry for calling you one XD and if that is the
case then these are good pages for new users to visit to get a feel of

Ok, now that you have an idea of the IMVU bots, lets move on to one of IMVUs biggest things which are the IMVU Developers.

IMVU Developers:
developers are a big part of IMVU, seeing as these are the people that
make the products you put on your IMVU avatars; with out them you might
not have so many cool things to wear and have fun with.

become a dev you must buy your name first, the reason for this is
because when IMVU first started anyone could be a dev (guest and paying
users alike) which brought problem because many guest users were
flooding the catalog with copy-righted products and getting IMVU in
trouble with the holders of the copy-rights. Once you have bought your
name, you can go to the developers page
and sign up to become one. It is not hard to be a dev, you have to just
get the feel/hang of it, most devs start off with a sticker.

you buy a product and it is not working, do not start yelling in the
products review section as you can not remove them once they are made,
instead go to the Devs home page and leave them a message of the
product in question so that they may help you.

Many devs are
good people, and like to help out when they can, so if you are starting
out as a dev try to join up with other devs so that they can help you
out, and who know you might just become good friends, I know I have.

now that you have an idea of the IMVU Developers, lets get to the last
but not lest; in fact its the biggest thing of IMVU, the IMVU Staff.

IMVU Staff:
IMVU Staff are the people that work on/with IMVU (this is their job,
they get paid for it I am sure) and code the programs used on/for IMVU,
they also fix problems found on/in IMVU.

When you are in the IMVU forums you will see this image on top of their
avatar pic; this is how you know they are IMVU staff. Never trust
anyone that tell you they are IMVU staff, all/most IMVU staff will only
contact you though e-mail.

Here are a few staff members:
> Devinoch
> Brad
> Brett
> Dusty
> Eric
> Chad
> chris
> afriesen
> james
These are just a few of the ones I found, I am sure there are more.

you ever have any trouble with/on IMVU you should file a help ticket
rather than e-mail one of the staff members; do not spam them or bug
them, they already have a hard job!

Ok, now that I have given
you a little inside to IMVU you should have an idea of how to use it
and what some of the things in IMVU are. I hope that this is able to be
of some help to someone. Goodbye and start having fun on IMVU.
Bundle Deals

These are cheaper solutions to buying multiple passes and credits at once. There are three different packages: the Fun Pack (10,000 credits and your Avatar Name) for 16.5% off retail price, the Bonus Pack (25,000 credits, Avatar Name, Try It Pass, and 3 Scenes) for 65.8% off retail, and the Everything Pack (35,000 credits, Avatar Name, Try It Pass, Gold Pass) for 57.0% off retail price.

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