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Vuzii Contest! - Exium

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1 Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/15/2007, 10:39 am

Hey there - eX here!

I wanted to inform you all of a new contest we are having to encourage users to join.
This is how it works, after 500 total people join - we will give away 25,000 credits to one lucky individual.
It shouldn't take too long, but please don't try and cheat by registering numerous accounts. If we find out
that you have 2 or more duplicate accounts - we will disqualify you from the contest and possibly remove
you from Vuzii permanently for disobeying the rules.

After the contest is over, have as many accounts as you want, WITHIN REASON, please don't flood the board
with stupid accounts - we want to know approximately how many people are 'real' and active.

Anyway, so as soon as we see 500 members registered, we will do a thorough check and make sure no one
was cheating. We can tell by the way, don't try using proxies/etc - those are highly detectable. This is supposed
to be a fair and legitimate contest, don't ruin it for the rest of the community.

So - register right now if you haven't already, and make sure to include your Avatar Name in your profile under
the IMVU Name: section, that way if you win we can easily send you the credits. We will try to pay the individual
within 24 hours.

Also, we are a reputable source for contests. I own, one of the top credit resellers on IMVU to date.
We have over 20,600 registered members in our database, and we feel it's possible to get those sort of numbers on
a community like Vuzii. So, that's why we started off at a small 500 member goal to get things rolling.

Feel free to make use of our forum features, we have blogs, image galleries, and much more - we're not just a forum.
And plus we're even better than IMVU's forums which are powered by free open source software. We use Invision,
a higher quality forum that everyone will be sure to love. =)

Thanks for reading, now go register if you haven't already! There's money at stake!

Contest ends whenever we reach 500 NON-REPEATED Members
IMVU Credits (Bought) will be awarded to a completely random individual
using PHP to select a number from 1 to whatever the total number of
users is.

Sponsored by
Click here to buy and sell credits.

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2 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/15/2007, 8:36 pm


May I add somthing If you join please stop in and introduce your self or at the least say Hi.............Smile

3 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/15/2007, 9:44 pm


snubs wrote:May I add somthing If you join please stop in and introduce your self or at the least say Hi.............Smile
Umm's a contest for another forum.

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4 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/15/2007, 10:19 pm

lol atleast he tried...

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5 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/16/2007, 5:41 am


Well I feel * craws back under rock.

6 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/16/2007, 10:48 am

Trust me I have thought of the same type of 'contest' to bring ppl in but decided against it because I felt it would not bring in quality members...

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7 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 8/17/2007, 1:25 am


Yes true. They would post once or twice for the contest and then just be inactive lurkers the rest of the time. But then again such a thing would also raise awareness that this forum is here.

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8 Re: Vuzii Contest! - Exium on 4/22/2012, 11:04 am

Don Von Free Credits

Don Von Free Credits
::Constructing Chaos!::
::Constructing Chaos!::
Tired of scams, frauds, and jokesters promising free IMVU credits and not delivering? Well so was I, which is why I made The IMVU Mafias: At The IMVU Mafias, users who are tired of being pushed around and not getting free credits help each other. Together we are strong and together we earn more free credits than we ever could alone. Thank you for reading this. Ciao.

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